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Having cancer is not necessarily a bad thing. Having cancer and not knowing Jesus is a bad thing. And through this blog, I intend to prove why.

I was fourteen when the nasty thing struck. Just ending my eighth year of schooling and having thoughts of joining the track team the school year after, even though I’ve never played any sports. It first started as a tumor in my right knee (medically speaking, the distal end of the femur). I started having some pain there and brushed it off as growing pains or maybe something I did in gym class. But by the time the pain disabled me to where I could not walk, I finally went to the doctor’s for scans. The news came fast and hard, that I had a cancerous lump in me, and after being juggled about by a few doctors, I finally came to the oncologist who told me that I had stage four aevoular rhabdomyosarcoma. And the icing on the cake was that I only had 20-30% chance to outlive this thing.

I did. In June of 2008, just a few weeks shy of my sixteenth birthday and over a year since I was diagnosed, God reached His hand down and preformed what we call the miraculous during a youth group missions trip in Toledo, Ohio. A biopsy a week later confirmed that the original tumor, plus two other metastasises (spots where cancer has spread), were completely gone. That day that He healed me, He also gave me the promise that I would be healed and cancer free until the day when I go to meet Him. He also gave me this word as His promise:

“I will not die but live and proclaim what the LORD has done” Psalm 118:17

I returned to high school, graduated, and moved to Minneapolis, Minnesota, to study ministry at North Central University.  I returned home after my freshman year there with a very familiar and devastating pain in my right knee. It seems, as they told me, that the massive amounts of radiation I received during my bout with the Big ‘C’ caused another Big ‘C’ to return to the area. This one they called osteosarcoma. That was last spring and since then I have had my share, again, of chemotherapy and also amputation and multiple sites of mets (metastasises). I have to look forward to is a major surgery on my lower abdomen after Thanksgiving, another surgery before Christmas, and 6-7 weeks of straight radiation after the New Year.

With this first step, I hope to document all that will happen, physically and spiritually, with hopes that you, someone you know, or anyone will find the hope that I see in this evil existence; where Satan means to kill, Jesus means to have life.

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