About The Pilgrim

Thank you for visiting my blog, The Pilgrim Man. Pilgrim is a term used to describe someone who is walking a path with a goal set in mind. Well, my goal is Jesus Christ, eventually. But often in literature, we find pilgrim-like characters whose tales are told not when they reach their goal, but the journey they had to make before the end.

Here, I will write and describe all the things that I, like you, must face everyday. I am fortunate, though not in the eyes of most, to have a very unique perspective of things. This is all due to cancers that I have been fighting since I was fourteen. I am twenty now, and I would very much like to share all that wonderful things God has done for me since then, and think about all He will do. Please share this blog with your family and friends. God bless.


  1. jtburr2012 says:

    Thanks for giving us your unique perspective and in doing so, giving us so much more hope, and increased faith.

  2. Tina DelSignore says:

    Hi Nick, you do not know me, but Dante is my brother. Reading your blog is inspiring and reminds me of Dante’s struggles as well. Also, I am an English teacher, and you are a great writer!! Good job 🙂

  3. Tiffany says:

    Hey Nick – Your mom referenced your blog on the ACOR site. My 11-year old daughter, Bailey, was diagnosed with osteosarcoma in March 2012…rotationplasty June 2012…NED November 2012. We too are believers and it is the only thing that has carried us through this valley. There are so many walking this journey without Jesus…and I just can’t imagine how dark it must feel. Keep writing…it is a story that needs to be told.

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